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Sustaira announces a new Sustainability Software Partner Program dedicated to ESG and Sustainability Consultants

Sustaira solution & services layers with ecosystem

Sustaira Sustainability Circle: Goals, Data Aggregation and Awareness, Actions, Results & Rewards, Digital Rporting.

The Sustaira Sustainability Circle

The Sustaira Launchpad

Sustainability software provider, Sustaira, announces a partner program for ESG and Sustainability Consultants combining technology with domain expertise.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2022 / -- Shortly after the launch of the Beta Version of the Sustaira Sustainability platform, Sustaira proudly announces their new partner program dedicated to ESG and Sustainability Consultants. From large Sustainability consulting firms, to boutique ESG advising companies, Sustaira is partnering globally with Sustainability domain experts, such as The Corporate Reporters, Siemens, Good Clout Consulting, and Green Buoy Consulting. These partnerships allow Sustaira to connect the dots between ESG domain expertise and innovative software. Sustaira’s Sustainability and ESG app platform offers a portfolio of customizable apps. Combined with a consulting experience layer via Sustaira’s partner program, organizations now get a complete solution to guide them through their Sustainability journey. Examples include materiality assessments, GHG emissions inventory guidance, emission reduction plans, reporting, B Corp Certifications, and more.

Organizations across the globe are feeling a growing pressure from the changing regulatory ESG disclosure requirements, as well as a new generation of employees demanding transparency. As Sustainability and ESG consultants are working directly with these organizations, they face the biggest challenges firsthand. The data is often siloed and comes from disparate sources. There are error-prone manual processes and excel spreadsheets. Functional requirements are changing on an ongoing basis per region, framework, and policy.

Lastly, organizations have many rigid core systems in place that are unable to keep up, leading to inaccurate reporting and a lack of action. The need for agile software in this domain paired with a need for clear direction and best practices is rapidly accelerating. Sustaira believes Sustainability and ESG consultants have a big opportunity to lead by example and guide organizations through their Sustainability journey with agile and scalable software.

One of the early adopters of Sustaira’s partner program is ESG and Sustainability consulting firm Good Clout Consulting. Remke van Zadelhoff, founder of the Boston based organization, explains why they’ve partnered with Sustaira;

“Change is needed and businesses need to be part of the solution. Our ESG/Sustainability consulting services combined with Sustaira’s flexible, custom platform will help businesses to measure relevant ESG/sustainability data more accurately and scale their positive impact faster. Together, we help to accelerate lasting, positive impact for our clients and the planet.”

Sustaira is uniquely positioned to support consultants in overcoming these challenges and to accelerate success within their customers’ sustainability and ESG journeys. With Sustaira, consultants and their customers get one flexible sustainability and ESG app layer on top of all their internal and external data sources, increasing operational efficiency and offering differentiating value. A concept called the Sustaira Sustainability Circle represents all the application domains, including goals and KPI tracking, data aggregation and awareness, actions, results & rewards, and digital reporting.

Organizations that have already adopted Sustaira include Siemens Canada, renewable energy solutions provider Inovateus Solar, Xavier University of Louisiana, and manufacturer Logistick, Inc. Via this partner program, consultants increase internal operational efficiency, while having the ability to offer Sustaira’s compete portfolio to their clients. This goes beyond the software solutions and also includes a menu of Sustainability and ESG consulting services, including:

- Materiality Assessment
- GHG Emissions Inventory
- GHG Emissions Reduction Plan
- B Corp Certification
- Sustainable Strategy
- Sustainability Strategy Package
- Sustainability/ESG Reporting
- Sustainability/ESG Workshops
- And more.

Through the Sustaira platform, ESG and Sustainability consultants are enabled to offer their unique services in the market. Organizations needing more direction and domain expertise directly benefit from this program and set a foundation to a sustainable future. New York based Green Buoy Consulting joined Sustaira’s partner program recently, as Eliza Erskine highlights:

“The past 18 months have brought ESG to the forefront of many companies' strategic plans. Companies are receiving questions and feeling the growing pressures around sustainability from employees, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. There is an immediate need to provide both consulting based direction and technology based solutions.

Partnering with Sustaira offers not only a flexible Sustainability software solution for these companies, but also equips my firm with a powerful tool to further support my clients”

Sustaira is truly innovating in the ESG and Sustainability domain by co-creating and bringing sustainability and domain expertise together with innovative software and technology. Sustaira’s platform offers an online launchpad with a menu of pre-built sustainability and ESG apps and building blocks, which can be rapidly integrated, customized, and extended with a low-code approach. As a result, the customer accelerates project implementation timelines, while meeting unique requirements. Sustaira also offers totally custom sustainability web and mobile app delivery with an agile methodology.
This allows for the co-creation of brand new or industry specific applications bringing technology and sustainability experts together. CEO and founder of Sustaira, Vincent de la Mar, emphasizes the importance:

“The combination of Sustainability domain expertise and innovative software is a powerful one and much needed to accelerate the journeys organizations are taking today. This partnership program bridges an important gap in the industry and demonstrates Sustaira’s focus on collaboration and co-creation with the brightest minds in the industry.

We look forward to working together with Sustainability and ESG consultants who have a tremendous opportunity to set the example and lead from the front.”

For those interested in Sustaira’s Sustainability and ESG consulting services, please contact us. Sustainability and ESG consultants who would like to join Sustaira’s partnership program, request a meeting through this link:

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Sustaira is the Sustainability Software Platform for all your web and mobile Sustainability and ESG solutions. Imagine a world where cutting edge technology and Sustainability domain expertise are combined. Sustaira offers 3 sustainability solution categories: Our all-in-one Sustainability App platform, app templates, and custom web and mobile initiatives. We’re going beyond goal setting, data gathering and reporting. Sustaira makes it actionable, accountable, scalable, and rewarding. As a 360-degree software platform, Sustaira is on a mission to accelerate Sustainability and ESG initiatives by enabling and empowering Sustainability Directors to make their organizations more Sustainable. Faster. Sustainability starts with Sustaira.

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